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Detlef Koepke

Family 1st! But after that, Businessman, Coach, Entrepreneur.
What would my life be like, could I use all my potential? And what exactly is preventing me from doing so?

If you have already asked yourself this question, you may have noticed how much untapped potential most people turn into dreams and wishes in the course of their lives. What then usually remains is a feeling that we can guess what would have been possible had we done our thing.

For me, Detlef Koepke, "walk what you talk" counts. I myself have taken a few detours to be able to say at almost any point in my life - that's exactly my thing. I am convinced that everyone who lives according to it will experience real fulfillment in their job and in their relationships.

However, this is often easier said than done. Such a path includes both courage and the firm will to want to continue to develop.

Those who are convinced that they can achieve everything they want and never stop approaching new experiences with joy and curiosity will find clarity.

Today it is one of my deepest wishes to support as many people as possible to find their own way and to take it successfully.

In the "I MAKE MY DING ACADEMY" I want to share the moments of happiness that I experience again and again when you can successfully realize your own business concept by using your own potential.

Here, in coaching and workshops, people find out what they really, really want. They develop and start their own business idea, which means that they quit working, because as an entrepreneur / solo preneur they do exactly what they are passionate about and enjoy.